Business Sale and Acquisition Tips

Tips and interesting reading for those involved in Business Sales and Acqusitions
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    How to Finance Your Business Acquisition

    When purchasing a business, there are a few crucial factors you should consider before initiating the process. What you need to do is present yourself as a strong and viable loan candidate and take advantage of a wide variety of […]

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    A Few Simple Reasons a Seller Should Join Efforts with an Experienced Broker

    When it comes to business valuation, the importance of working with a highly-skilled business broker cannot be stressed enough. The reason is simple. Business valuation is a complicated and challenging process that requires specific knowledge, insights and expertise, especially with […]

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    What does 2015 promise for US business sales? by

    The following is an article available at I think it is informative and interesting. Here are a few ‘educated guesses’ about how 2015 is going to look economically in America. By Andrea Miller • Inflation and GDP both forecast […]

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    -Announcing Commission Saving Flexible Fees!

    A commission saving exclusive for Arizona Business Sales clients! Just because we all like to save money doesn’t mean we’re all alike! We know that you’ve worked hard to make your business unique …. not standard. So, don’t you deserve […]

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    -Important Considerations Before Starting the Business Buying Process

    Small Business Financials – If you have a corporate background you must understand the motivation behind small business financials. A small business owner’s motivation is to pay less tax and frequently personal expenses are being reported. It is the opposite […]

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    -The Secrets of the Sale… A Practical Guide for Sellers

    Good preparation has its reward!   Before Meeting with Buyers You Should … Write down your goals for the sale. Know what you must net from the sale. Review everything you’re selling. Is it organized? Working?  Does it look good?  […]

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    -Can Your Business Broker Defend the Value?

    As the owner of a business you have made the decision that it might be time to execute your exit strategy and sell. You have met with a few professional business brokers and there is quite a disparity in their […]

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