Arizona Business Sales and Acquisitions has successfully represented our seller client in the transfer of their $1.8 million dollar custom car restoration business. The buyers were local to the Phoenix metro area and have been hobbyists in the customer car / hot rod arena for most of their adult lives. Buyers Shawn Smith and Nathan Judd are a great fit for the business and have high expectations of taking the company to the next level. Dave Long was the sole broker for the transaction.

News Release - Sale of Well Known Custom Car Restoration Shop

Hired Dave Long to target several companies that fit our acquisition criteria. After much due diligence we decided a Fencing Contractor was the best fit. Dave not only assisted with the due diligence on all six initial targets but provided us with insights on the final candidate that led to successful negotiations gaining concessions. He is an expert with the SBA lending process and I highly recommend him to anyone in acquisition mode. Thanks Dave!

Fencing Contractor Acquisition

We hired Mr. Long to represent us in the sale of our company. Although it required a little more time than we initially though it would he was successful in qualifying a buyer whom we approved of then held our hand through the entire process including the complicated SBA lending process. We highly recommend Dave Long! As a matter of fact we will utilize his services to locate an acquisition target immediately.

Transportation / Delivery Company Sold

I interviewed several business brokers before signing a contract with Dave Long and
Arizona Business Sales & Acquisitions. His valuation skills were heads above the rest. He performed and excellent job interviewing buyers, communicating with me throughout the process and even managed the SBA lending process to fund the sale of my distribution company.

P.P.OwnerPhoenix, Arizona

We were trying to recapitalize our growing company and mentioned that in passing to Mr. Long. He told us that he could assist with that. Within 60 days of that first initial meeting we had received very important funding and were able to use it to take out higher cost of capital debt and increase working capital to grow the business. Mr. Long made it happen. Thanks!

M.T.OwnerPhoenix, Arizona

Mr. Long was instrumental in finding a qualified buyer for our commercial property in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. He assisted everyone through the financing and closing process. He is very detail oriented and I highly recommend him.

J.T.OwnerPhoenix, Arizona

My wife and are Canadian’s and Dave assisted us not only through the challenges of buying a business but was instrumental in all aspects of dealing with landlord, insurances, systems and many other aspects that no broker has ever done for us.

D. A.OwnerPhoenix, Arizona

Hi Dave — I was so happy to write this for you — it is heartfelt.
I didn’t want it to be too long — I could have gone on………
Dave Long made the sale of our business and property smooth and successful.
My husband and I contracted with Dave in January of 2015, and by October 1st, we were finished!
We couldn’t have done that without him. He was consistently on top of each and every detail. Both the buyer and we were extremely fortunate to have him working on the entire process.
I would highly recommend him to any seller or buyer.

M.A.OwnerYavapai County, Arizona

I met Dave because he was representing the seller in our transaction of buying a business and property. However, Dave went out of his way to ensure the transaction was smooth and a great experience for both of us. Dave powers through it to get things done and does it in a professional, personal way! Thanks Dave.

M.M.OwnerCottonwood, Arizona

Being my first business purchase, I had no idea what to expect. Dave took care of everything. There was not a question he could not answer or a time that I could not call him. He exceeded every expectation that I had. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking to buy a business or sell a business.

T.P.OwnerPhoenix, Arizona