Commission Saving Exclusive Flexible Fees Program

If you own a business you already know to expect the unexpected and that every new day is a new challenge. Well, it’s a new day and Arizona Business Sales is up to the challenge of serving business owners in new and better ways. And here’s the unexpected – we’re now offering you our highly recommended service at the most competitive rates ever!

What’s New?

Our exclusive Flexible Fees Program gives you new options regarding the fees for our services. You decide how much extra cash you want to put in your pocket at closing.

How does the program work?

Our standard fees are fair and competitive and based on our cost of providing, top quality service with no payment until closing. Our Flexible Fees Program offers you three options to discount our standard fee. By choosing to take advantage of one of these options you will enjoy big, cash savings at the closing table. By simply providing answers to a short, easy interview about your business, you will qualify, in most cases, for an additional discount based on attributes of your business that will make the sale easier. Based on the interview our proprietary software will calculate your available discount, subject to verification of the information you provided in the interview.

How big a discount could be available?

Discounts up to 50% are available. The more saleable your business is the bigger the discount.

To take advantage of my discount, what do I do?

To take advantage of your available discount, you simply buy down your rate associated with your project. Our lower cost is passed on to you as big savings at closing time.

How much is the prepay?

Depends entirely on the size of your business. For a small business the prepay will range from about $500 to $1,000. Larger, more complex businesses would be somewhat more.

​​How do I start?

To start, you can download the Interview Form from the “Forms Page”, complete it, and then fax or email it to us.
​All information provided to us will be held confidential. We will enter your Interview Form into the Discount Calculator and prepare a personalized quote for you detailing all of your options.